You can see this as a possible ‘guiding principle’ and assistance for your own schedule. There have been many requests for me to set my schedule down on paper, but naturally, everyone is the boss of his own dovecote and is free to follow the schedule or not. Below, there first follow several extra guidelines:

  • On the first Monday in March, we begin the Beute Schedule. Then, for a period of 14 days, LTW or PS is put into the water every day. On monday and tuesday als CVS in the water. LTW ensures fresh heads, clean airways and the training will increase explosively. If you have a small flock, then don’t make up full drinking pots but prepare it per litre. Then it’s always nice and fresh and the pigeons like drinking it. Even if they are still nesting and/or having young. On Monday and Tuesday also put CWS into the water with LTW or PS.
  • After the first 14 days, we go back to putting LTW or PS in the water for 3 days a week. Every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, throughout the entire season.
  • From the first Monday in March, we also start with the structure of the schedule: every Monday and Wednesday, Olympic MG Mix with Lecithin Oil strewn over the feed.
  • From the test races onwards (the pigeons go into the container), mix Electroboost into the water every Saturday and Sunday. Electroboost contains the best electrolytes in the world and ensures that your pigeons are ready again in no time.
  • If you want to disinfect them after the flight, then feel free to combine Clear Balance with Electroboost. You have then topped up the necessary fluids and salts and cleansed the system of waste substances.
  • If you start with pigeons which are kept healthy in a natural way, then a possibly necessary medication often works extra well, due to the increased resistance and condition of the pigeons through the use of the Beute Pigeon Products.
  • From the first flight onwards, I give the pigeons Beute Eye Drops when basketing them. When I take the cock and hen out of their nesting boxes for the basketing, I put 1 drop in each eye. Then, you see immediately whether a pigeon’s head is clean: the drop then sinks away immediately. If it doesn’t sink away for a week, the drops take care for rinsing the system clean and the following week the pigeon is clean again. In that event, give eye-drops also at homing time!
  • If pigeons come home tired or even (much) too late, then give them a Herstel (Restore) Power Capsule. If pigeons are in the basket for two nights, then, when putting them in the basket,also give them a Herstel (Restore) Power Capsule; if it’s just 1 might in the basket, I don’t do that.
  • Every day, throughout the entire year, the pigeons are given a handful of minerals (per 10 pigeons) from the Beute Bak (Feed Box), except on Fridays during the races. Besides that, 10% of the daily feed consists of the Beute Korrelmix (Granule Mixture). The Beute Bak (Feed Box) and Korrelmix (Granule Mixture) are available from the regular pigeon feed shops or
  • Olympic MG Mix is a combination of Vita-Sport and Herstel (Restore) Power. So if you give them Olympic MG Mix, then don’t also give them Herstel (Restore) Power or Vita-Sport separately.
  • Every week outside the racing season, moulting, breeding and rest periods:
    • After the racing season, put Clean Balance in the water for a whole week, and after that, follow the schedule again.
    • Every other day, mix LTW into the water.
    • 2 or 3 times a week, put Olympic MG Mix along with Beute Lecithin Oil over the feed.
    • During the incubation of the eggs, put Clean Balance in the water for a whole week, and after that, follow the schedule again.
  • Intestinal problems, watery dropping or coli symptoms; put Colicontrol on the feed immediately. Can also be done with nesting pigeons.
  • Eye problems among young pigeons during the season. 2x per day, drip Beute Eye Drops into both eyes.


 MG Mix
Maandag     x x x    
Dinsdag     x        
Woensdag     x x      
Donderdag         x  possibly x
Vrijdag           x  possibly
Zaterdag x x          
Zondag x x          

Every day except Friday, Beute Bak (Feed Box) and Beute Korrelmix (Granule Mixture)
When basketing on Thursday, then administer Beute Eye Drops on that day
If necessary, also administer Beute Eye Drops when they return home
If necessary, provide Colicontrol